ADONAI QUIMICA S.A. is a bulk liquid terminal installed in the Port of Santos - Ilha Barnabé - Santos - São Paulo - BRAZIL.

Adonai Química SA has its management systems certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards and CDI-T.

The terminal uses the facilities of the Jetty that belongs to CODESP (Companhia Docas do Estado de São Paulo), that belongs to Brazilian Government with two mooring berths allowing the operation of two ships simultaneously 24 hours with maximum LOA of 200 m for berths Bocaina and São Paulo.

The maximum draught alongside of jettys is 11,3m for berths Bocaina and São Paulo.

The maximum DW is 40000 ton for this berths. All those conditions can be changed, therefore they always must be checked on CODESP website: www.portodesantos.com.br.

The Jetties Bocaina and São Paulo are shared with others marine terminal companies in the Ilha Barnabé.

Adonai Química S.A work with 10 pipelines of 8” inches) connecting jetties Bocaina and São Paulo to tankfarms/areas for product handling.

The terminal is composed of tankfarms areas which are placed in blocks separated by catch basins.

The Terminal of Adonai has Operating License to operate with the following products

There are 55 storage tanks with total storage capacity of 54.045 m³ distributed in the 07 areas with sizes according to the following capacities: 600, 800, 1200 and 1.500 m³.

Tanks are designed to attend API 650 AP. F (carbon steel and stainless steel), all with radar level transmitter.

There are 02 weighing bridges in the Terminal where all the trucks have to pass before and after loading.

Only hoses are used in the Jetty manifold and loading arms and hoses and drop-pipes (telescopic tubes) are used in the loading and hoses for the unloading of tanktrucks, so is used bottom-loading system too.

The tanktrucks loading/ unloading capabilities are 12 (08 in operation and 04 to expansion of the Terminal).

There is a complete fire fighting system approved by Fire Department of the State with a two motor-diesel pumps with 700 m³/hr individual capacities with water sea supply.

There are fire fighting systems with foam solution in all areas of the Terminal.

There is a new vapors burner/incinerator in area to handle return vapors from pier, tankfarms and tanktrucks loading/ unloading Areas.

There is a nitrogen distribution system in area to attend all areas and Jetty.

The main administrative building is located in area Nº1 and maintenance shop and cafeteria in area Nº 2.

Tank Farm


  • Margem Esquerda do Porto Organizado de Santos
  • Área de Tanques S/N° - Ilha Barnabé
  • Caixa Postal 450 - CEP 11010-970 - Santos, SP - Brasil
  • PABX: 55 13 3226.3660
  • Escritório

  • Rua XV de novembro, n°46/48 - Centro
  • CEP 11010-150 - Santos, SP - Brasil
  • Fone: 55 13 3797.7890
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