Quality, Environment and Safety


Adonai Química S/A, is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 and CDI-T (Chemical Distribution Institute – Terminals) certified company, the most important national and international certifications in its area is committed to providing the best option in storage of liquid products in bulk, always focusing on customer satisfaction and seeking continuous improvement. In addition, it is concerned with meeting all legal requirements applicable to its activities, as well as maintaining a preventive attitude regarding the safety and health of its employees and the environment in which it is inserted.


ISO 9001, ISO 14.001 and OSHAS 18.001 Certifications;

CDI-T (Chemical Distribution Institute – Terminals);


QHSES Policy

Adonai Química S/A, with a Terminal at the Port of Santos, aiming to fulfill the needs of our customers, offering the best alternative in storage of liquid products in bulk, with the guarantee of quality, safety and respect to the environment, both in effectiveness and in the efficiency of results, obeying the legislation in force and aiming to increase its participation in Baixada Santista commit itself:

To satisfy our clients always seeking the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System, efficiency of their work processes, reducing costs and operationalizing through compliance with legal requirements, norms and applicable legislation;

To protect the environment, prevent pollution and environmental impacts, take necessary measures to promote sustainable development and increase environmental performance;

To identify hazards and assess risks, implementing controls to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases, working conditions and safety benefits;

To value and empower our employees, improving their qualifications for effective performance, ensuring an improvement of the SGI;

To involve employees through consultation and participation, acting with social responsibility and motivating them to contribute to the improvement of SGI;

To ensure personal security, processes and facilities, detecting and recovering threats.