Adonai Química is committed to the highest standards of ethical and moral conduct in your business.

In line with this commitment, Adonai created an impartial and confidential communication channel, which aims to provide a way for employees, outsourced employee, suppliers and customers to make reports involving the business, with the guarantee that the information will be treated confidentially and that the whistleblower will be protected from reprisals or victimization as a result of his report.

It wont’be tolerated harassment or threats to the whistleblower by virtue of his report to the Compliance Channel, permeated by “Internal Regulation”, as well as the attributions of Adonai’s “Code of Conduct and Ethics”.

The confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity is ensured, as well as the information contained in the whistleblower, in compliance with the LGPD program (General Data Protection Law), implemented in the company.

This channel can receive anonymous reports!

Complaints will be properly investigated will be analyzed the seriousness of the issue, the credibility of the information and the likelihood of confirming the complaint with reliable sources.