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The ABA Infra Group encourages its employees to act in a responsible, honest and respectful manner.

Our principles guide the performance of Grupo ABA Infra and its companies in the direction of meeting our Code of Conduct, which must be strictly followed by everyone who acts officially on our behalf.

The Ombudsman’s objective is to constantly improve the Group and its companies, guaranteeing our different audiences a communication channel that is transparent and impartial for handling complaints and complaints received.

Through our Ombudsman, whoever is affected by the ABA Infra Group and its companies, based on the violation of the code of conduct or who does not have their problem solved through the service channels, can make a complaint.

We have as a principle to preserve the confidentiality of the plaintiff’s identity, however, depending on the nature of the claim, identification may be necessary.

(Add as many details as possible, such as the name of those involved, location, date, witness, companies / departments / areas involved and information on documents or contracts that are part of the violation)