Adonai Química S/A – Port Operator, strategically installed in the Organized Port of the city of Santos, left bank, on Barnabé Island, offers its customers carbon steel and stainless steel tanks. Located at about 300 meters from the vessels’ berth, the company counts on a highly qualified safety team for liquid loads operations which allows providing excellent quality level of storage services to its clients combined with an innovative project.

The company operates in the storage and handling of bulk liquids in general, with emphasis on the foollowing class of products: corrosive, flammable, petrochemical, chemical, vegetable/mineral oils and fuels, according to Rule (NBR) 17,505 – Class I (Norma (NBR) 17,505 – Class I), providing services on import, export, cabotage and local market operations, certified for goods placed under the customs warehousing procedure.

Adonai Química belongs to ABA Infra Group, that has been operating for decades in the infrastructure, port logistics and other fields. The experience acquired by the Group over the years, acting strongly in these sectors, provides excellent development of its companies.

The terminal has an infrastructure that covers an area of 27,500 m², where there is a tank farm, consisting of 58 tanks of carbon steel and 14 stainless steel 316 L, 14 lines of stainless steel of 8 inches that interconnects the tank farm to the vessel berth.

A 12-point platform for loading and unloading trucks, equipped with loading arms, overfill sensor and grounding. Adonai has a modern electronic monitoring system – CCTV, which allows the monitoring of all operation 24 hours a day. ISPS Code – Operates within the established international procedures.

Aiming at making operations more flexible, the terminal operates with 8 mass totalizers, wich allows includingroad trains in a traceable, agile and safe way, with reliability and precision in the loaded volumes.

Operations Management and Inventory Controls are done by module, which allows for the traceability of the entire operation in the terminal with daily issuance of inventory reports to its customers.

The terminal uses tracking equipment in the truck loading and unloading operations for better determining the permanence time of the vehicles at the Adonai terminal, working with the system of vehicle scheduling, thus offering a better operational view of the vehicles to our clients.

Foto aérea da Adonai


  • 72 storage tanks (1 to 7 basins).
  • 72 loading pumps (80 and/or 120 m³/h).
  • 14 export pumps (300 m³/h).
  • 14 pier lines.
  • 1 tank truck loading platform (12 points).
  • Nitrogen distribution (6000 Nm 3/h @ 8.0 bar).
  • Compressed air generation and distribution (pumping rate from 386m³/h to 800 m³/h @ 8,0 bar).
  • Volatile Organic Compounds burning system (VOC).

Tank´s capacity

  • 15 carbon steel tanks of 600 m³.
  • 2 stainless steel tanks of 600 m³.
  • 5 800 m³ carbon steel tanks.
  • 12 800 m³ carbon steel tanks.
  • 14 1,200 m³ carbon steel tanks.
  • 12 1,500 m³ carbon steel tanks.
  • 6 2,100 m³ carbon steel tanks.
  • 6 carbon steel tanks of 3,200 m³.

Seeking innovation and expansion, Adonai has started an expansion project for storage capacity which is expected to grow 18% in a year. The Plan foresees the construction of 5 carbon steel tanks (1 2,100m³ tank, 2 3,200m³ tanks and 2 4000m³ tanks) plus 2 pier lines, thus increasing the capacity from 92 thousand m³ to 108 thousand m³.

In view of the growing market demand, Adonai Química acquired the STS-13A area, an area destined to the handling of liquid fuel bulk on Ilha Barnabé, left bank of the Port of Santos.


The area of ​​approximately 38,398m² will include 7 new tank basins, adding 69 more tanks, and an additional 72,000 m³ of the terminal’s current capacity.